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Learn to see the world through the eyes of the animal

Wildlife Tracking Apprenticeship

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Food, Medicine, Utilitarian, Stewardship, Community...

Wild Plants Apprenticeship

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For the love of plants

Heartwood Gathering              July 8 - 10 2016

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Our mission at Earth Tracks is to provide high-quality experiential education for people who want to connect with the natural world in a deep and powerful way. We have been successfully guiding and mentoring people for over 15 years and provide a unique perspective and style of nature-based education.

Whether you are looking for an experience for yourself, friends, or family, or a custom program for your group or organization, Earth Tracks can help you make this happen.

We specialize in

  • Plant Uses (Identification, Foraging, Edible and Medicinal, Herbalism, Stewardship, and Utilitarian uses)
  • Wildlife Tracking/Naturalist Studies
  • Deep Nature Connection programs for children and adults
  • Wilderness Canoe Trips

We also offer programs relating to bushcraft and wilderness living skills, bird language/awareness and earth philosophy. At Earth Tracks we guide people in learning how to live a life in close relationship to the earth through quality education, mentoring, and direct experience.  We invite you to come and join us in this adventure.

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“The Earth is the ultimate provider and for countless generations our ancestors knew how to survive and live in harmony with nature. By learning and practicing these skills we begin to experience nature in an ancient and meaningful way.”

– Alexis Burnett

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