3 for 3 of Wild Felines

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Up to this point I had spent time trailing mountain lions and lynx, but had only found one single bobcat track in some exposed soil in the forest. A friend of mine was on his way up the mountain to visit us and he ended up coming face to face with a bobcat that was hunting along the edge of the logging road. He saw it a couple of times as it made its way up the mountain. What an experience. Later that day we ventured down the hill to look at the tracks and we were greeted with some super clear bobcat prints! It was exciting to follow this animal and see the difference in the size between its other wild relatives. There was a point where it went up an embankment and investigated what we believed to be an old bear den. This cave under the rock went in at least 10 ft. and had plenty of room for an animal even as big as a bear to take shelter. I was very happy to have seen these tracks and thankful for all the animals that I had tracked up
until this point.

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