Deep roots, green goldfish and wolf flatulence

On Saturday, November 3rd, 2018, the Earth Tracks plant apprentices met at the Mono Forest Tract – one of fourteen Dufferin County Forest tracts located across Dufferin County. Alexis [...]


Raining Spruce Tips

The Earth Tracks Edible Wilds weekend began at the Kinghurst Forest reserve. The sound of a goshawk greeted the plant apprentices as they arrived. Alexis presented a plant mystery to solve [...]


Bittersweet Weekend

By Ann Schletz On the weekend of November 25, the 2017 Plants Apprenticeship group gathered for the last time. We spent our time together making plant medicines from many of the plants that we [...]


Plants have all the anthers

Utilitarian Uses of Plants Weekend Written by Tamara Anderson and Ann Schletz Alexis lit a fire literally and figuratively to start the weekend session of Utilitarian Plant Uses. After providing [...]


Tastes like “Chicken Dinner with the In-laws”

During the Saturday session of our Plant Medicines weekend, Alexis led a workshop on The Energetics and Constituents of Plants. He gave a brief overview of the origins of plant medicines and [...]