Bitters, Sweets and Cocktail Treats

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The day ended by the fire,by the fire bellies full of food, air full of laughter, minds blown from Laura Gilmour’s amazing herbal cocktails, and even our ears were delighted with Kim’s rendition of the sound of music!

But before all that happened we did do some fun work……

Connecting to the spirit of plants is a very exciting and scary thing, our minds are so full of doubt at the beginning but our curiosities push us on to at least try.  We are not all successful at first and we may not be successful for a while but the plants know we are trying.  Our efforts will be eventually rewarded with friendships so intense and pure that they are comparable only to the relationship with our own spirit.  As we go back each month to those plants we put in the ground, our understanding will grow, our connection will flourish and the doubts will disappear.

The o20160716_145655ther sense that got a wake up call that day was our sense of taste.  Laura’s intimate knowledge of plants led the way to the parade of flavours that danced on our tongues; each tea, tincture and plant that she had us try had an effect not only on our taste buds but also in our understanding of the importance of the five flavours, the energetics of herbs and how they relate to our own individual constitutions.20160716_135101

Now that our tongues where wide awake, Alexis took us
into the world of digestive bitters.   We walked through the
gardens of Rebel Roots Farm harvesting the ingredients for our digestive bitters mixture, tasting and learning as we went along.  Wormwood, Bergamot, Motherwort, and Dandelion greens all contributing their medicine to our mixture, and lastly Fennel Seeds were put in as the Aromatic.  We don’t tend to think about our digestive juices and whether or not they are flowing freely, yet they are so important to our health.

After some great food and some fabulous herbal cocktails,the day ended by the fire.


  • Alexis Burnett

    Awesome post Brenda. You really captured the essence of the weekend. Thank you for sharing.

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