Crab Fiesta

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In Masset, on the northern tip of Graham Island we spent some time talking with local fisherman at the docks and were fortunate enough to buy some fresh crab ‘right of the boat’. We enjoyed hearing the stories about the sea and fishing and had many questions answered that had been on our minds. With a bucket full of crab we headed out of town towards Agate beach in Naikoon Park.
For the next three days we ate crab, walked the beaches and hiked to the top of Tow Hill for a beautiful view of the surrounding land and ocean-scape. Tow Hill rises approx. 100 metres from sea level and holds significance to the Haida people. We didn’t hear to much about the mythology of this place, but it sure had a powerful feel looking out over the ocean and surrounding boglands. The highest point in sight, it sure afforded a spectacular view!

On Agate beach we found some of the impressive ‘gem’ stones that we understood this beach was named after. On a clear day, looking to the north you could see the Alaskan islands. I thought about what a journey it must have been for the Haida to paddle thier canoes from these islands to the mainland. How long would it take them? Would they leave when the weather was ‘just right’, following experience and instinct? What an adventure these voyages must have been. After 3 days we had finished eating the crab (Boiled crab, crab salad, crab soup) we headed off on a hike east towards Cape Fife and planned to do the loop back to the Tow hill area. A loop of just under 30 km.

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