Good Times at Krug Forest

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Sunday July 17,2016

Krug Forest Krug Forest

The morning of our class had a lovely easy going pace, we all gathered together after having enjoyed a restful sleep. Gratitudes’ were shared at the morning’s opening circle and later we broke off to drink lemon balm Moon Tea at our sit spots.

We got together to learn how to prepare a St. John’s Wort infused oil. The oils of this plant expose’s a gorgeous ruby red colour and is known to have properties to help heal burns. Time was also put aside for us to work independently on our plant journals before we headed out to go explore Krug Forest.

Skullcap - Krug Forest

Krug Forest felt healthy and vibrant. Our first stop was at a wetland habitat to admire some mad dog skullcap, boneset and Jewelweed plants.

At lunchtime we all sat down and enjoyed the shade from the surrounding trees. We then went to investigate an unsuspecting surprise someone in our group discovered. The surprise was a ‘community rock’ whereby there were multiple beautiful wildflowers perched rooted on a single mossy boulder. It was magical to wiCommunity Rock - Krug Foresttness up to 22 different plants breathing and living on this seldom rock within the cool forest.

We walked a little deeper into the woods and admired beautiful bright red cardinal flowers. We also enjoyed a couple of minutes in our sit spots drinking fresh herbal tea. Our day wrapped up sooner than I had anticipated. After our closing circle people hopped straight into their cars and we parted ways and I said my last goodbye to Krug Forest. On the drive back home I reflected on my plant journey of the day, it was certainly a magical forest filled with powerful and meaningful teaching moments. It was a great day indeed!

The End

Cardinal flower - Kurg Forest

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