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Hello Everyone

Just wanted to let you know that Earth Tracks is offering a new class this August called ‘The Way of the Naturalist”. It is going to take place at Heron Walk Retreat Center near Frogmore in SW Ontario. I’m really looking forward to offering this exciting class and know that it will be filled with material and information on how to study the natural world in a focused and effective manner. Please check out the website for all of the info and registration information.
We are also offering two other programs at Heron Walk: ‘The Art of Survival’ and ‘Edible and Medicinal Plants’ Info on these classes is also available on the website.

The Way of the Naturalist

What is a Naturalist?

A Naturalist is someone who loves nature, understands they are a part of it and work toward developing a deeper connection and understanding of the natural world.
In this class we will learn to study nature in a focused manner through observation and awareness along with resource based learning. We will blend modern field ecology and natural history with native awareness techniques and earth philosophy. These elements will combine to form a very powerful way of learning from nature and help to develop a well rounded set of naturalist skills.
Our core areas of study will revolve around these six themes: Inspiration and Hazards, Mammals and the Arts of Tracking, Plants and the Art of Wandering, Ecological Indicators and Natural Communities, Trees and the Art of Survival and Birds and Awareness. By understanding and learning these skills in this manner you will develop the foundation that it takes to become a competent naturalist and begin to study nature in a powerful and focused manner.

Date: August 28-31st 2008
Location: Heron Walk Retreat Center, SW Ontario
Price: $325 includes all meals, accomodation and instruction.
Contact: Heron Walk Retreat Center
519 875 4330 or

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