Plant Connections

Do you have a desire to learn about and work with plants?image-plapp-2IDing-200px

Are you interested in finding out which plants are edible, medicinal, poisonous or can be used for tools and crafts (utilitarian uses)?

How about learning how to grow and propagate plants in an herb garden or in the wild?

Do you sometimes feel like the plant world is a huge ‘wall of green’ and you do not know where to begin?

Do you want to learn how to communicate with plants on an intuitive/spiritual level?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, then we can provide what you are looking for.

We have been working with and teaching people about plants for over 20 years. Earth Tracks is the premier place in Ontario to begin or continue learning from and about the many plants that surround us each and every day.  We offer everything from one-day foraging workshops to 8-month immersion programs. Whether you are a beginner on this path or someone who has been working with plants for many years, we have something for you.


Our evolution as a human species has relied on knowing how to use and work with plants since the beginning of time. Even today, we all still depend on plants for our continued existence.  At Earth Tracks we not only teach people about how we as humans can use plants, but also how we can give back to the plants and the earth as caretakers and stewards of the land.  Through our harvesting we aim to leave the earth and the plant communities better and healthier than we found them.  We have developed a strong code of ethics when it comes to wild crafting and we wish to pass this on to others so that we can all play a role in helping to maintain and regenerate balance in Nature.

img-stJwort-200pxAt Earth Tracks we provide a balance of learning about plants from both a scientific as well as an intuitive (spiritual) perspective. We see incredible value in working with and learning from and about plants in this way as it creates a well-rounded holistic approach.  It allows the student to connect deeply with our green friends and start to hear, sense, and feel the subtle and not-so-subtle messages that the plants are constantly communicating to us.  Come and join us on one of our workshops or programs and begin to build this relationship that you can grow and nurture for the rest of your life.


Your Path to Plant Connections:


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