Spring – A time of new beginnings

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Here at Earth Tracks as well as in most parts of Ontario we have been enjoying some beautiful spring weather that feels a little more like summer. It’s not only the human family that is feeling this time of new life, but the forest is coming alive. Many of our spring wildflowers and native trees have already flowered and are beginning to form seeds for the next generation. In this short post I’d like to describe a little about the animals and birds who have been tending to thier new borns and I had the priviledge to observe over the course of the last couple of days.

I watched as the starlings and robins flew from thier nests in South River at Matt’s house and worked feverishly to keep the nest clean of droppings and ‘fresh’ for thier young brood. As I travlelled home I stopped to watch two families of Canada Geese as the young goslings swim in the safe ‘eddies’ that thier parents created as they lead them down the river. On the road to the Edge there have been many deer and moose including a cow moose and twins and a lot of deer including a couple of fawns. The fox kits are up and moving with thier mothers as the vixen that I saw tried catiously to get her young from one side of the road to the other. The beavers have been working hard adding wood and mud to thier dams in anticipation of the low water levels to come this summer. On our lake there have been many species of ducks in thier courting pairs and now most females are sitting on nests. This year I’ve been able to watch wood, black, mallard, buffleheads and mergansers swimming in Round lake. As I paddle each day I love to keep an eye on these small family groups and have noticed that the herring gull that has been nesting on the rocks in front of my place has just hatched her young. The other day was thier first venture into the water and the mom and dad are quick to ‘rush’ them into the water at the first sign of danger. They were quite used to me paddling by twice a day up until the young have arrived. Now we are starting all over again in our relationship and establishing new boundaries and acceptance of one and other. The loons are calling each night from different corners of the lake and the hummingbirds have returned to the island on which I live as well. The crows and ravens wake me each morning as the sun rises and often I get to hear the shrill call of the merlin or the sharp-shinned hawk as they hunt through the tall white pines.

As the days become longer we all go through transitions as we let go of the things from the past while embracing the present moment. Last night as I went to sleep listening to 4 different species of frogs singing around the lake it made me feel alive and ready to move into this next season with a ‘re-newed’ sense of Vision and Purpose. I wish the same to all of you and hope that you can come and visit us soon.

Alexis Burnett

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