Spring is in the Air

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Spring is in the air. After a long and amazing winter it looks like the warmer weather is approaching us here in Ontario. Old man winter is releasing his grip as snow turns to rain and the deep snows begin to melt and make thier way down the swollen creeks and rivers of our area. I’ve been noticing the beginning of the spring migration as different bird species make thier way north. The Canada Geese are on the move, so to are the crows and starlings.
The other day I witnessed a Bald Eagle as it soared and circled over head. What majestic and magnificient birds! It’s no wonder they are held in such high esteem by many native cultures. Thier energy and power can be felt as these high flying birds begin to move north into thier breeding grounds.
The raccoons are also rising from thier winter slumber and foraging hungrily along the stream edges and in the open rural fields feeding on left over grain crops and corn. How hungry would you be after napping most of the winter? Just the other day in Frontenac Provincial Park a group of us came across a raccon that had been killed and partly consumed by a Fisher. An amazing mystery was written in the snow. Slowly we were able to piece part of this event together throughour collective observations.
I haven’t seen any signs of Black Bears yet, but they too should be out very soon. I heard from a friend that someone had seen one ‘poking’ it’s head out of a den. The deer are moving more and no doubt as happy as some of you are to see the snow melting away. It has been a pretty hard winter for them as it is hard to move and feed in such deep snow. Soon the winter deer yards will be ‘breaking up’ as these animals return to thier home areas to begin a new year.

There is a different feeling in the air at this time of year. Things are beginning to re-awaken after a long winter. Can you feel it? It’s happening all around us. There is an energy that comes with the spring that resonates with our very being. Something that you cannot quite put a finger on, but can feel inside. Your spirit recognizes this just as your ancestors have recognized it throughout history. This is the time of year when we can begin to shed the things that hold us back in our lives and move forward. As we make these changes we can then continue to live a life in balance and harmony with all of creation. I encourage you all to take time to center and ground yourself in the coming days as the spring equinox approaches. Even if it is simply 5 minutes alone in nature in the morning before you go to work. It is important to take this time and re-connect with the earth, re-connect with your spirit and re-connect with the beauty of creation that surrounds us.

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