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After seeing the sheep on the pass I spent the night in Cranbrook with a friend and then made a ‘straight-shot’ from there all the way to the Manitoba/Ontario border. It was quite a mission, around 20 hours of driving. The prairies were locked in a deep freeze and I decided to cover ground while the roads were relatively clear and the temperatures were bone-chilling cold. It dipped down to -34 degrees C and felt like -45 with the windchill. I spent the next night in the car and managed to get 5 hours sleep before getting up and heading on. Around Ignace I found a spot where 7 wolves had crossed the road and there were some great tracks and trails in the snow. It was hard to not stop every 5 minutes as I was passing many animal trails in this beautiful northern Ontario wilderness. There were numerous wolf trails crossing the road along with many moose and deer as well. It was a great drive down to the head of lake Superior and Thunder Bay. From there I drove the last 5 hours in an intense snowstorm and spent the night with a friend just outside of Wawa. It was good to get of the roads and have a nice warm spot to spend the night.

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