Rainy Beach Tracking

Saturday June 17, 2017 On Saturday June 17, we headed to the shoreline of Lake Huron north of Sauble Beach. We were greeted with a light rain and very high water levels. The terrain was a mix of [...]


Trailing Deer in Boyne Valley

Saturday December 2, 2017 Saturday was our first day at the Boyne River Park. The air was still and the frost rested on the sumac. Among our intentions was to discover the habits of the deer. We [...]


The Algonquin Experience Canoe Trip 2017 – Trip Sold Out

*This trip is currently full, hopefully you can paddle with us next year* The world-famous Algonquin Park is home to some of the most beautiful country that Canada has to offer and echoes the [...]


Tracking on the Edge of Suburbia

When we first pulled up to the area we were going to be tracking for the day, I was a bit shocked. The present environment was a suburban housing development underway, bull-dowsed blocks of land, [...]


On the Wolf Trail

                                                                  Wolf Trail through a bog Tales from the Tracking Trail This past weekend our Wildlife Tracking Apprentices and I were on the [...]


Winter Tracking Class

Ever wondered what animals do in the winter? How their winter patterns are different from other seasons? Join us for this two-day workshop in Algonquin park as we explore the winter wonderland [...]


Tracking the language of the wild

On a late August Friday afternoon I find myself with two friends on a journey north from the city I live in: driving through a series of highways that become progressively narrower, less busy and [...]


Bitters, Sweets and Cocktail Treats

The day ended by the fire, bellies full of food, air full of laughter, minds blown from Laura Gilmour’s amazing herbal cocktails, and even our ears were delighted with Kim’s rendition of the [...]


Fisher Foray

This piece is written from the perspective of the animals that we tracked on Saturday, March 5, 2016 in the Bells Lake Conservation Area. The quilled shape clings to a thin branch that arches [...]


Bruno’s story:

We began our morning by exploring the surroundings of our cabin on the southern edge of Sasajewun lake in Algonquin park . Just like the night before, tracks of martens which had been said to be [...]

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