The Science and Art of Tracking

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Eastern Wolf

I will be offering a new class entitled ‘The Science and Art of Tracking’. This class is going to focus on the scientific as well as intuitive side of tracking. By learning to track and follow wild animals we begin to see how they live thier daily lives and what kind of a role they play in maintaining a balanced eco-system. We also begin to look at our own selves in a deeper way that helps us to connect to nature in a powerful way. We will spend time learning to classify and identify various animals by thier tracks as well as sign that they leave behind. Some of the animals that we have tracked in the past include; deer, wolf, marten, fisher, otter, ermine, snowshoe hare, red and flying squirrels, many small rodents, etc… Time will be spent learning how to properly measure tracks, sign tracking, pattern and gait classification, and trailing. We will also look at the ecology of the landscape through a naturalists ‘eye’ and learn to ask questions that will draw us deeper into the study of nature. Through tracking we begin to experience the natural world in a new and powerful way. Please come and join us this winter as we follow the many tracks left for us by the various animals that live in the forest.
This class will be taking place February 7-10th 2008 at the Northern Edge Algonquin
More information can be found on thier website at
Here is the link directly to the class description:
I will also be teaching a similar program in the Orangeville area this winter in southern Ontario.
If you are interested please contact me directly ( ) and I will post details here on this site as they become available.
Happy Tracking
Alexis Burnett

River Otter Tracks and Slide

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