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Hello Everyone

I am in the process of setting up some classes for the Fall and winter months. I will be running these classes in the Orangeville area in southern Ontario as well as a couple possible locations further north. Some of the classes that I hope to offer include “The Art of Survival”, “Primitive Fire-Making”, “The Art of Tracking”, “Bow-making” and “The Way of the Naturalist”. Most of these will be weekend classes with the possibility of the Naturalist and Tracking classes being more of a long-term study. If anyone is interested in these classes please feel free to get in touch with me. I will post more info on these pages as I get each class organized. For the summer I will be guiding adventure canoe trips for The Northern Edge Algonquin. Check out thier website and see what exciting trips and retreats they have to offer. http://www.northernedgealgonquin.com/

Happy Tracking

Alexis Burnett

  • Little feather

    Hi Alexis,

    I was looking forward to meeting you at the Cheltenham gathering… What happened?

    I’ve heard so much about you and today just happened upon the Algonquin Edge page and saw your name….

    I have a question. My friend recently had a native man comment on the use of the word “primitive” when we were refering to the skills we practice….I guess a lot of people practice skills like fire from friction today and it’s slightly derogatory to use that term. How do you feel about using the word “primitive”? what does it mean to you?

    Peace, Little feather

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