Wilderness Canoe Tripping Schedule 2009

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Well…..Here’s is the Earth Tracks Wilderness Canoe Tripping Schedule for 2009!
All of these trips I will be guiding personally. Earth Tracks has partnered with Northern Edge Algonquin in running these trips and we are excited to further this relationship. For more info please visit thier website http://www.northernedgealgonquin.com/ or the Earth Tracks site at https://www.earthtracks.ca/

Nipissing River Trip: May 2nd – 9th

Waterfalls, Watercolours and Wanderings: June 11th – 16th
Waterfalls, Watercolours and Wanderings: June 25th – 30th
Seeking Solitude: July 2nd – 8th
Morning Tea with Moose/Wilderness Awareness: July 9th – 12th
The Way of the Naturalist: July 16th – 21st
Morning Tea with Moose/Wilderness Awareness: July 23rd – 26th
Wolf Howl: July 31st – August 3rd
Tracking the Wildlife of Algonquin Park: August 27th – 31st
Wolf Howl: September 24th – 27th

Following is a list of Canoe Trips that I am organizing for Northern Edge Algonquin. These trips will be facilitated by very competant and experienced guides other than myself.

Morning Tea with Moose: July 2nd – 5th
Yoga Canoe Trip: July 9th – 12th
Morning Tea with Moose: July 16th – 19th
Yoga Canoe Trip: July 31st – August 3rd
Seeking Solitude: August 6th – 12th
Wolf Howl: August 13 – 16th
Wolf Howl: August 27th – 30th
Wolf Howl (Womens Only): September 4th – 7th
Waterfalls, Watercolours and Wanderings: September 10th – 15th
Yoga Canoe Trip (Womens Only): September 17th – 20th
Heart of Gold: September 24th – 30th

I hope to see you on one of our many Canoe Trips this season. Please give us a call or email if you are interested in any of these trips. earthtracks@gmail.com 800 953 3343

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